Unveiling the Plastic Problem: My Journey Towards a Plastic-Free Household

July 25th, 2023 | Water and Sustainability

Reducing Single-Use Plastic: My own story by Cole Little

In a world where convenience often trumps sustainability, it’s easy to lose sight of the environmental impact of our daily choices. Recently, I was shocked to discover just how much plastic I went through in a single week. This revelation led me to embark on a journey to minimize my plastic consumption and make more eco-friendly choices. In this blog, I will share my experiences, the changes I’ve made in my daily routine, and my plans for a plastic-free household in the future.

The Shocking Realisation

The realisation of my plastic consumption hit me like a ton of bricks. When you don’t pay close attention, it’s effortless to overlook the amount of plastic waste you generate in just one week. From plastic packaging to single-use bottles, the visual representation of my plastic waste was staggering. This prompted me to take immediate action to reduce my plastic footprint.

Daily Efforts to Avoid Single-Use Plastic

One of the first changes I made in my daily life was eliminating plastic bottled milk from my shopping list. Instead, I opted for a refillable glass bottle solution from a local farm. Not only does this switch reduce the plastic waste associated with milk consumption, but it also supports local businesses, promoting a more sustainable community.

Alongside my milk change, I adopted several other habits to minimize single-use plastic usage. I started carrying a reusable water bottle and coffee cup with me wherever I went, reducing the temptation to buy drinks in disposable containers. Additionally, I invested in reusable produce bags, which eliminate the need for plastic bags when buying fruits and vegetables.

The Future of a Plastic-Free Household

While the journey to a plastic-free household is undoubtedly challenging, I am determined to make progress. Witnessing the shocking amount of plastic waste I generated in a week strengthened my resolve to seek more sustainable alternatives in all aspects of my life.

Though I’m aware that achieving a completely plastic-free household may take time, I believe in the power of small improvements. I plan to incorporate sustainable alternatives into my weekly shopping routine, prioritizing products with minimal packaging or opting for items packaged in eco-friendly materials.

I am committed to spreading awareness about the plastic crisis, encouraging my friends and family to join me on this journey. By sharing my experiences and the positive changes I’ve made, I hope to inspire others to take action and collectively work towards a greener future.

I will look at purchasing my cheese and meats from counters where they use waxed paper not plastic. I will buy blocks of butter packaged in foil, rather than the spreadable type, and I will try and source my other food and drink from suppliers who are trying to make improvements in their plastic usage. Saying that any small change is a good change if we all give it a go. I might not be 100% plastic-free, but I’m trying.

Join us for plastic-free July.




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