September 1st, 2021 | Water and Taste

Personalised mineral water by LUQEL.

Water is needed for life; we can’t survive without clean water. The current world has contaminates that are getting mixed into our water source, and it is therefore becoming less and less pure. Rainwater is our cleanest source of drinking water, as it has gone through the natural purification process of evaporation. Catching rainwater isn’t that easy, and other natural sources, springs, wells and aquifers, are all susceptible to contamination. We know the UK tap water is “safe” to drink, but it still contains contaminants that make it through the Water companies filtration process. Bottled water isn’t any better, due to leaching, it is linked to a number of health issues. 

LUQEL’s Water Station filters your tap water to produce pure H20 removing all contaminants, including microplastics, bacteria and germs. Pure water has no colour, taste, or smell as all the minerals and trace elements have been removed, adding mineral compounds back into the water is essential to have a tasty water.

Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and to some extent our Tap Water all have minerals in them (magnesium, potassium, and calcium), but what do minerals taste like?


We each have 10,000 taste buds, so when we eat and drink it is slightly differently for each of us, not to mention the impact that temperature has on our experience. When minerals are added to our water it determines whether it tastes salty, sweetish, slightly bitter or feels dry. Each mineral has different properties that supports vital roles in our body.


  • Regulates the water balance in the body
  • Important role for the function of nerves and muscles
  • Many enzymes are activated by sodium
  • Maintains the acid-base balance
  • The taste of sodium is salty
  • Sodium-rich water is recommended for endurance-based sports


  • The most important mineral in the body
  • An adult carries about 1 to 1 1/2 kilos of calcium
  • 99 percent is stored in the bone skeleton
  • Contributes to the growth and formation of bones and teeth
  • Stabilizes the cell walls
  • Regulates energy metabolism and controls the heart
  • Calcium-rich water causes a dry mouth feeling


  • Magnesium affects many enzymes
  • There are about 20 to 30 milligrams in the body
  • Influences oxygen use, cell regeneration and energy production
  • Regulates the functions of the central nervous system
  • Essential for proper activation of brain cells
  • Is perceived in the water as either bitter or sweet


  • 98 percent is contained in cells within the body
  • Very important for the function and health of cells
  • Regulates the osmotic pressure of cells
  • Regulates the fluid in the body
  • Potassium deficiency can lead to cardiac arrhythmias if the heart muscle is affected
  • The taste of potassium is sensory imperceptible


  • 88 percent is found outside the cells of the body, for example in the blood
  • It is one of the most important electrolytes in the blood
  • It is an important building block in the stomach for acid formation
  • Improves food digestion and is a defence against pathogens
  • The taste of chloride when combined with sodium is perceived as salty


  • Sulphates are sulphur compounds involved in the construction of proteins and the structure of the cartilage substance
  • Aids digestion
  • Maintains the health of the skin and hair
  • The taste is subtly bitter


  • Hydrogen carbonate can be formed in the body itself
  • It is an acid buffer that regulates the acid-base balance and pH of the urine
  • Deficiency may lead to increased acidity
  • Makes water taste less acidic and more neutral


LUQEL has created five liquid mineral compounds: calcium chloride, magnesium sulphate, magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium bicarbonate. These five are released into the water in precisely calculated quantities (depending on the recipe chosen) via the specially developed dosing system, to achieve seven mineral ions which float freely in the water;  calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, hydrogen carbonate, sulphate, and chloride.

This unique dosing technology from LUQEL enables you to choose water recipes personalised to your individual taste. Watch our mineralisation video to discover in detail how the minerals infuse into the water,

Opening up to a new world in where the taste of water truly becomes a new experience. But LUQEL hasn’t stopped there, each of the recipes have been grouped to make it easier for you to match the water to your needs, navigating through the intuitive touch display or saving them in the LUQEL app as your favourites. See how the Water Station will look in your premises.

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