Frequently Asked Questions: What you would like to know


A team of dedicated water sommeliers, ensuring they are adapted to offer great tasting water to our customers.

Offering a pure mineralised beverage, personalised to you taste from a range of recipes. Your beverage is served at your preferred temperature between 8 and 95 degrees C and as a still or carbonized drink. selected from the intuitive digital display.

LUQEL’s three stage filtration produces pure water or H2O

Yes, we ensure the highest level of hygiene standards in the LUQEL water station. There is an automated thermal cleaning process to ensure no bacteria build up can take place during regular use, and a Tab cleaning process with active oxygen which can be used when the machine has remained inactive for 14 days or more


The range of recipes offered by our Water Station includes water recipes that meet the needs of tea, coffee and espresso lovers with perfect temperature control, carbonation and individual mineralisation.

A fingerprint makes it possible to identify a person millions. Each LUQEL water has a unique signature, making it as individual as a fingerprint. This individuality comes from seven minerals.


LUQEL’s three stage filtration produces pure water or H2O

It removes unpleasant odours and flavours, chlorine, harmful substances such as rust particles, nitrate, hormones, heavy metals, nanoplastics and microplastics. Even the smallest pollutants such as drug residues are removed.

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Kaufen Sie eine LUQEL WaterStation und erweitern Sie Ihren Arbeitsplatz um eine wertvolle Trinkwasser-Ressource.

Leasen Sie eine LUQEL WaterStation und verteilen Sie Ihre Zahlungen auf monatlich gleichbleibende Raten.

Oder Sie zahlen via Pay-per-use und damit je nach Verbrauch.

Alle Vertragsoptionen beinhalten ein Service- und Wartungsprogramm, die eine halbjährliche Systemwartung, einen Filterwechsel, eine Mineralienauffüllung sowie Ersatzteile und Arbeitsleistungen miteinschließt.

Angebot einholen Buchen Sie eine Test-verkostung