The choice between tap and bottled water isn't as simple as you think. Why the picture of a washing machine, let me share my thoughts. How many settings do you use on your washing machine? I’ve just been to count mine, the benefit of working from home at the moment,...

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Single-Use Plastic - Covid-19 Impact It is estimated that eight million metric tons of plastic leak into the oceans and waterways each year – harming the creatures that inhabit them, with the remaining plastic waste often not decomposing and lasting centuries in landfill. Plastic reaches the waterways from discarded bottles,...

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Challenges of staying healthy and hydrated as you age. Getting older we experience many changes to our physical appearance and body, greying hair, weakening eyesight and hearing loss, some people seeing more dramatic changes than others. These aging ailments can to some extent be disguise or supported, using hair dye,...

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Can temperature affect your love of food and drink? Water is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Whether you find it boring, tasteless or flavourless, it is needed for our bodies hydration and wellness. You can impact how it tastes, the effect it can have...

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Kaufen Sie eine LUQEL WaterStation und erweitern Sie Ihren Arbeitsplatz um eine wertvolle Trinkwasser-Ressource.

Leasen Sie eine LUQEL WaterStation und verteilen Sie Ihre Zahlungen auf monatlich gleichbleibende Raten.

Oder Sie zahlen via Pay-per-use und damit je nach Verbrauch.

Alle Vertragsoptionen beinhalten ein Service- und Wartungsprogramm, die eine halbjährliche Systemwartung, einen Filterwechsel, eine Mineralienauffüllung sowie Ersatzteile und Arbeitsleistungen miteinschließt.

Angebot einholen Buchen Sie eine Test-verkostung