What’s in your drinking water?

Milin Patel – Water Sommelier and ambassador for LUQEL is back to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of different drinking water sources. As a water consultant, water sommelier and advocate for safe and reliable tap water worldwide, I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding the diverse water sources available...

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Minerals change the taste of water

Milin Patel – Water Sommelier and ambassador for LUQEL talks about how minerals change the taste of water Water is the elixir of life, essential for our existence and overall well-being. However, it is often overlooked as a tasteless and mundane beverage. The great philosopher Aristotle stated that water, per...

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How to get the cleanest drinking water in the UK

Where does our water come from? We are fortunate to have very clean tap water in the UK, which is managed by our water companies. They take our water, from reservoirs, aquifers, lakes and rivers, and process it to remove impurities. The water is taken through a coarse filter which...

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The importance of water in cooking

Image source: courtesy of insanely good recipes.com Can the water you add impact the success of your recipes? The simple answer is yes, it can, as water is a flavour carrier. Chemicals and substances can easily dissolve in water and can be detected by our taste receptors, which is why...

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Finding the best water for tea-making

The two essentials for the perfect cup of tea The perfect cup of tea comes in two parts, the first is the leaf itself, which comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves from this evergreen shrub are harvested and left to dry to form the tea leaf. The second...

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Personalised mineral water by LUQEL. Water is needed for life; we can’t survive without clean water. The current world has contaminates that are getting mixed into our water source, and it is therefore becoming less and less pure. Rainwater is our cleanest source of drinking water, as it has gone...

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Can temperature affect your love of food and drink? Water is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Whether you find it boring, tasteless or flavourless, it is needed for our bodies hydration and wellness. You can impact how it tastes, the effect it can have...

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FLAVOURED WATER IS THE TREND OF THE MOMENT Water with taste is fully on trend, because it is almost sugar-free and a real alternative to unhealthy, sugar-sweet fizzy drinks. In addition, the nicely prepared carafes and glasses look extremely appetising, especially on hot summer days. It doesn't take a lot...

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SERIOUSLY UNDERESTIMATED A fatal prejudice: when it comes to water, many people say that it has its own taste but the fact is, not every water tastes the same. Every person immediately recognizes the typical aroma of water, but it has many different smells too. Many consumers reject individual water...

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THE SECRET OF TEA LIES IN THE WATER Gong fu cha - the name of the Chinese tea ceremony means above all perfection, which can only be achieved through intensive practice and many years of experience. Jens de Gruyter has both when it comes to tea. As founder, creative director...

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