Aramark & LUQEL a successful case-study

July 11th, 2023 | Case Studies

Aramark are a leading global customer solution provider of catering, facilities, and uniform services.
They take pride in delivering solutions that create a first-class experience and an exceptional level of service to clients across B&I, Stadia, Healthcare & Education.

Aims and Objectives:

In a marketplace that is constantly evolving, Aramark actively seek new and innovative solutions that will add value to their clients’ offerings and provide a quality upgrade on existing services.
Growing demand for employee health and wellness encouraged Aramark to seek out an intuitive solution that improved employee hydration and supported a refill strategy to reduce the need to supply pre-packaged water, aiding their Net Zero goals.

The Ideal Solution:

LUQEL installed a cutting-edge Water Station in their Dublin HQ which supplied mineralised water from the mains supply that was able to be customised, tracked, and reported.
The technology in built into every system enables Aramark to replicate a consistent high-quality service in every client, whilst at the same time reducing the need to logistically move enormous quantities of pre-packaged water, which also need on-site storage and regular replenishment of fridge or vending solutions.

Luqel Water Stations offer 30 different recipes consisting of low, medium and heavy mineralised waters which have been paired to cater for every aspect of an individual’s day. Enabling the consumer to find a water they love and enjoy.

The Experience:

During the on-boarding experience days, every Aramark employee was given a LUQEL smart bottle and shown how to pair the bottle with the LUQEL water balancer app on their smart phone.
Once paired, the employees started to experiment and identify their favourite mineralised waters

Once stored on the individual’s smart refillable bottle, each employee could utilise any LUQEL Water Station allowing quick and easy dispense. Whilst also allowing the individual to track their hydration throughout the day, resulting in the ultimate water drinking experience and improving health and wellbeing.

LUQEL 360 degree digitised system, which connects the water station with the app and the bottles.

The LUQEL IOT dashboard allowed Aramark to monitor progress remotely providing real-time information on consumption and diagnostics ensuring optimum functionality was maintained.

The Findings:

The data insight showed that employees were engaged with the solution and experimented with taste. In total, 21 different water recipes were dispensed during the 8-week report highlighting the demand for range and choice. Employees varied temperature from 4 deg. C to 14 deg.C and added carbonation to 20% of the water’s dispensed.

Lastly, by introducing the LUQEL bottle, Aramark have removed an impressive 1,795 single use plastic bottles of water from the business representing a 1/3 ton carbon footprint saving over a year.


Aramark now have a innovative solution that transforms the nature of hydration and wellbeing for their employees and clients.
An offering that caters for choice and offers variety to consumers through leading innovation and supports Aramark’s journey towards carbon net zero by 2050.

“The option to select the temperature and carbonation levels was the first joy, then realising I can also select ready-made recipes specifically designed to assist with daily issues like needing a kick start before a meeting or with the afternoon slump or recipes that help on days when you are more active.
I find it so much easier to drink and find tap water has an unpleasant smell which I never noticed until I started drinking from this water station.
Nothing out there can compare! “

Deidre Gough (PA to MD at Aramark)



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